“Dr Sun always stayed with us whenever he came to London, and two pictures stay in my mind. The first was at our country house in Hertfordshire, and I must have been about five years old. It was sunset on a summer evening, and Dr Sun was walking up and down in the orchard. He was wearing a grey frock-coat and his Homburg hat was tilted forward to keep the level sun out of his eyes. He had his hands behind his back and was pondering deeply. I was about to rush up to him in my usual impetuous way, when I stopped. ‘He is probably thinking Great Thoughts’ I said to myself, and I went quietly away. I was not in the least afraid of Dr Sun, who was kindness itself, but my parents and my nurse may have put the idea into my head that here was a great man who must not be interrupted when he was thinking…”

Kenneth Cantlie, in his introduction
to the 1969 edition of Sun Yat Sen’s ‘Kidnapped in London’.

The Kennels is not a museum, but we welcome visitors with a serious interest in Dr Sun and the Cantlies – as long as you contact us first to arrange a suitable time.